So about half an hour ago, I picked up my guitar, tuned it, and started playing. A few minutes later, my G string went out of tune, so I tuned up and started playing again. A few minutes later, it went out of tune again. I had recently changed strings, so I did that thing where you pull on each string to make it go out of tune then tune it up again. All of my strings were fine except the G string. I pulled on it and tuned it alone, and each time it went about a quarter step flat. Two things came to mind: I either need new tuners, or it's a bad string. Any opinions?
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My B string used to do that and one of my tutors at college said that it kept slipping out of tune because there wasn't enough of the string wrapped round the post.

Maybe this is why?
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before changing strings everything was ok, after it wasn't ... . my guess is either the string needs to settle (sounds like its too quickly out of tune for that) , the string is 'bad' and is stretching or it was fitted incorrectly and is slipping. Worst case it might be a fault on the bridge or the head.

Remember, I am a long way from being a guitar expert but I'm fairly well experienced at trouble shooting in general. I'd suggest buying a new set of strings. If that fails... then take it to a professional.

More knowlegable people are bound to answer soon though.
I've had the guitar for over 2 years, and I've changed the strings a bazillion times.

To the people wondering about the wrapping, it's wrapped about 3 times around the post.

EDIT: I'm going to change the string to test the bad string theory, so I will get back to you guys.
Oh crap!
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Hmm, 3 times round the post should hold. My Epi Les Paul 100 has a similar problem, G string goes out by a little after playing, never by as much as half a step but still goes outmore than any other string. I simply wrap it around the post more, 4 times, and overlap the wraps, seems to help a bit. What gauge of strings are you using?
To Weybl, I use 10's.

But I think I found out the problem. After I took off the old one, I saw that where the string winds around itself at the bridge part of the string, it started to unwind. I changed it, and all is well now.

Thanks guys!
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