hey all, a little bit of advice would really do me a lot of good.. I'm in the market right now for a shredding guitar, price range upto 900 USD or so.. It HAS to have the Floyd Rose (or Edge, ZR, whatever, basically double-locking), and preferably a thin neck (like the Prestige on the Ibanez ones).
So far, i've mainly been looking at Ibanez axes. These are the models i've considered (in descending order of price). Ibanez JS 1000, JEM555, RG 2550e, JS 100, RG 350DX, RG 370, and I'm open to the Ibanez S Series too..
I know the range i've specified is raelly large, from the expensive JEM555 to the cheap RG 350DX, but i want to know if i can get somethign nice even from the lesser priced guitars (at a slight compromise, of course)... are the lesser tremolo systems any good? does it really matter if its not a prestige neck?
and also,i haven't looked there very much, and i'm not too well informed about the range, but what does jackson have to offer in this range? how do those guitars compare to ibanez's?
I would really appreciate a word or two from someone who's familiar with some of these models.. please do give me your feedback on the overall value and quality of the guitar, and maybe a few suggestions too..
Thanks a lot..
I don't think all that much of Jacksons, from what I've played of them that is. I have a JS100 and it's brilliant and I hear much better things about the 1000 and 1200. I'd advise you to get one. Beware if you do though, they come with Di Adario strings which have amzing tone but they can feel a bit dull.
Dave Tither
how does the JS100 neck compare to the JS Prestige neck on the JS1000 and 1200, and to the other RG Prestige neck?
The trems on the lower Ibanez's are worse than the prestige models.. Basically, the Edge Pro (RG 1550, 1570, 2550, 2570, and more) is (one of) the best trem(s) around, really.. I have one and its great. I know someone here who has the RG370.. and I swear, the difference is easily noticable! Both in the trem, the feel of the neck, etc.. EVERYTHING basically..

When it comes to Ibanez, the RG1570 is (from what Ive tried) your best bet.. Has everything a pro (shred) guitar must have, and its easily in youre price range..

Feel free to ask any specific questions about the RG1570, I'll be happy to answer!
I've done some looking around, thanks for the help so far, and I'm totally sold out on the RG2550ex, which is the Blue one with the Pickguard... i'm willing to spend another 100$ on that over the 1570 for the looks, but it seems like i can't find it anywhere on the net for sale... how should i go about locating this guitar, preferably new, on the internet, or in guitar stores without paying the crazy list price which is wayy above the actual sale price??