Absolutely amazing! Brilliant vocals, guitar and arrangement and an instantly catchy song. I would buy an album of this stuff. Perfection!
The "Drums" were actually recorded on my acoustic guitar. I used my knuckles and fingers to tap out the different percussive sounds, it's dead easy once you know how. There's an acoustic singer/songwriter in Liverpool called Tribal who plays at open-mic nights in the City Centre, he can play and tap at the same time. Gabriela from Rodrigo Y Gabriela also does the same kind of thing
wow, that was really good. personally i like the vocals a little dryer, but that's personal preference. the drums things is really cool . the backing vocals are a little bit to loud (or had to much presence) and are a tiny bit off. strings would make this recording awesome (or maybe cheesy...). but those guys are hard to come by .
well anyhow i really liked it and you almost intimidated me into not posting my recording.
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