Yepp, i like them. U know what they're up to at the moment?
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They broke up(unfortunately) and now their drummer(I'm sorry,but I can't remember his name) and Scooter Ward(the lead singer) are working on a project called The Witch.I heard a song they published a few weeks ago and fell in love with it immediatly.Still,Cold were "magic",you know....they had a special sound and The Witch,even being good,will not be as good as the first band.
^ Cold haven't broken up, they are on "hiatus". Some weird stuff happened and it posted that they broke up, but they have not. They ran through like 4 guitarists in like a year. The side project is true though, also can't wait.
actually, they WERE broken up. they posted so on their site. seemingly tho, they at some point decided that breaking up was too harsh a step, so they announced that they werent broken up, only on hiatus.
so they DID break up, but they are NOT presently broken up.

i have 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage; not a bad album at all.
I have all four albums. They are all incredible. No complaints, i don't see whats wrong with their latest album? It sounds fine by me. They are really awesome and i sure hope that they continue to write and record new music.
I don't like them, just my opinion though.
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I like them I'm not too keen on the latest album though perhaps it will grow on me once I listen to it a bit more but the first two are great.
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year of the spider > all
no questions, powerful ****ing album all around, plus the dvd that came with it just owns