LOUDSPEAKER Debuts at #33!
03 July 2006
First Top 40 chart position for any of Marty`s solo albums!

This week on the 6th Marty will film a new weekly TV program with top model Shoko Nakagawa, then on the 7th he will perform live with Aikawa Nanase in Tokyo at Shibuya Ax, on the 8th at Shibuya Box he will perform songs from "LOUDSPEAKER" for a LIVE TV BROADCAST (Music on TV), on the 9th he will do an exclusive autograph session and in-store live event at Tower Records in Shinjuku,Tokyo. He will perform songs from "LOUDSPEAKER" , chat with Rock Fujiyama co-host Ken Ayugai and debut his new music video for "Elixir".

The special first edition of ?LOUDSPEAKER? contained one bonus track, a vocal version of ?Static Rain?, ending theme of ?Rock Fujiyama?. This edition was limited to the first 10,000 copies, which sold out on the first day of release. After those went, the standard version of ?LOUDSPEAKER? which has an instrumental version of ?Static Rain? was put on sale.

The leadoff track from ?LOUDSPEAKER?, ?Elixir? will become the new ending theme for the next season of ?Rock Fujiyama?. A video was shot for ?Elixir? on July 1.

Details on the U.S. and European release of "LOUDSPEAKER" soon to come, be sure to check this page first!

Marty can be seen on 3 separate TV programs on 3 separate major networks in Japan on July 3rd! His weekly show, ?Rock Fujiyama? will feature Andrew W.K performing with Marty, and NHK`s ?POP JAM? has superstars Ayaka Hirahara and Tomomi Kahala performing with Marty. Nippon Television`s ?Uta Sta!? which is Japan`s answer to American Idol, features Marty on the judges panel.
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I read this on my myspace, that's pretty damn cool.
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That rocks. Does anyone have/has heard his new album?
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I'm looking forward to the release here in Europe.
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