hey people, i purchased a harmonica a few days back (C tuning). i have been having real trouble finding good tabs. i'm pretty stoked about learning "kum ba yah, my lord" but c'mon, i want to learn i good song. i'm really interested in learning some two gallants to be fair!!!!! if anyone has any good tabs or has any good links to sites which could help me, i would appreciate it and love you forever. thankies

"Like A Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan has some really neat little Harmonica solos in it. I would check that out.
big bad moon - joe satriani has a harmonica in it.
and a lot of other stuff by him too
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i would recommend just getting a neck holder for your harmonica and playing it along with the chords for the song you want to learn the harmonica part to; its pretty easy to figure out harmonica music really... just make sure you're playing with a harmonica thats in the right key.
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