This is the Scots version of my last work which is in my sig if you need a translation. I shall return all crits.

There?s ayeways bin ae tid an? spat fir rizzon
Whan science weir roon aw baur nane
Aw o? wizzen?s tribbles can be owercome
Jist be th? poo?er o? th? mind
Deil ense a? haet

Oo foryet oo are aw beasts inna etin circus
Rizzon is ae fremmit an? ootlin vizzy
Oo haud proverbial corses forritsome
Cryin? oot auld tellins
?Win awa?, Sawtan?

Hoo eithlie oo can fuil wirsels intae ken
Whan awe oo raelly dae is manswear a? neb vailye
Jeedgin? no wham oo sei gin oorsels
Bit wham oo wint tae sei staunin? there
Nae wunner oo hiv stapped growen?

Than there are ?e? blin? deacons o? musick an? luve
Skaithin? symphonies unchynged fir hunners o? years
Murtherin? souchs oo eased tae rame a? wull
Shame in yiz a? fir thae haithen crimes
Oo dae nae unnerstaun? bit oo wull ken