ok so im in an experimental band, and weve agreed that itd be cool to get a bit of an irish sound to our music, kinda like some thin lizzy. thing is, im not the best when it comes to theory etc. so im wondering is there any particular scales i should look at or any techniques i should use to get an irish kinda sound? of you listen to the likes of glasgow kiss by john petrucci youll get an idea of the sorta sound id like
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Well Glasgow Kiss uses the mixolydian mode. However, just knowing the scale doesn't help that much; I recommend listening to more Irish music so you have some idea of how they apply scales. The Chieftans might be a good band to listen to: they aren't rock, but they are very good at Irish music.

I made an Irish-sounding song a few months ago, and I started in E mixolydian, then changed to E Dorian, and back to E mixolydian. It might be interesting to try. Also try to use pedal tones (ex: playing in E mixolydian, have the bass play a sustained E while you play the theme).