Why aren't you supposed to put distortion pedals in your effects loop? I know it'll screw up your amp, but why? And don't give me some smartass answer like "Because God hates you."
technically? I have no idea

But i did put my DS-1 in the effects loop of my Vox AD60VT and it almost acted like a clean boost, just distorting the signal slightly

basically it has less of an effect on your sound, and if there is a god how do you know he doesnt hate you?

and me for that matter...
Yeah, it's nearly impossible to mess up an amp with effects. It's just that some sound better in different parts of your chain.
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^Unless you throw them at the amp....

And yea, it'll have less of an overall effect on the sound in the loop, try it?
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Huh. Cos every distortion I've seen has a little warning in the box saying not to put it in the effects loop.
well, the whole point of a distortion pedal is to boost and/or distort the signal going into the preamp. And the fx loop is post-pre-amp. so it's kind of defeating the purpose.

as far as I know. I think it's close enough, anyway.
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