How might one acquire a Mesa Strategy 500? Metallica and Rammstein use them. How much would a used one cost?
No metallica uses Mesa Strategy 400s Rammstein uses dual recs the only person i know who uses a 500 is that guys from Smashing Pumpkins the asian guy i forgot hsi name.

But check ebay but they are rare
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So, one would want the 400? Rammstein uses the 500. I'm pretty sure, anyways. I believe I saw it on their fansite just today. Could be wrong. What's the best Mesa amp?
Dude you cant ask what the best Mesa AMP is its all about what you are looking for in a amp if your looking for metal i suggest a Dual Recto or a Mark IV
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Obviously, I'm talking metal. I wouldn't get a Mesa/Boogie to play the blues. Also, I'm obviously in search of a Metallica tone. Care to help?
Ya man a Dual Rectifier will get you a good metal tone as well as a Mark IV it will be even more metallica tone like.

Pair it with a guitar that is mahogany and EMG pickups. and you will be set
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Threadstarter....it seems you know very little about Mesa Boogie.....do some research before you go about flaunting all this knowledge.

Have you ever heard of the Mesa Boogie Lonestar? Some of the best clean and blues crunch tones I have ever heard.....

But, if you're looking for the heavier side of the spectrum, as it seems you are, the recto is a beautiful amp. The Mark IV is also amazing, but yields a different type of high gain tone....up to you which you're looking for....

Best thing to do...get out to a store and try them....

Also, expect to dish out $1500-2500 on a mesa halfstack, depending on whether you go new or used, how well you search, and what cabinet you choose to purchase with it.
Mesa HEADS cost that much (well good ones!)

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I know about the Lonestar. But Mesa/Boogie isn't known for anything but metal. You hear Mesa, you think metal. I'm not ignorant for thinking this way. If I want SRV tone, I'll get a Fender.
Ya but ibanez is right listen to what he says mesa can do more than metal have you heard a triaxis that thing seems like it can do anything
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