Try and stop me ? Raven Rage

Try to hold me back
Like you always do

Try to be my mother
When you couldn?t get me through

Try to be something your not
And fall flat on your face

Try and stop me this time
I ain?t gonna? take it anymore

I can?t be satisfied
Don?t even try to pacify me

Don?t try to give me what you believe is me
When I hold all the pieces

In my way like you always do
Give me the metal we deserve

(Chorus x2)

Give me some metal
Don?t push me out any more
Don?t try and stop me
You?re going down

Try to be big man by cursing over radio plays
Let them complain the problem is you not them

(Solo: Raven)

Drinking constantly to keep you in line
Think you are big man but I am the one who is on top this time
Rape all that is music and f*** wit their minds
Be fake be real, sometimes I don?t know which one is real anymore

Give the people what they want
And not what they deserve
Ruin all that we believe is right
And whine when you don?t get your way

You can please some of the people some of the time
Can?t please all of them all of the time
So if they don?t like it f*** them and go on
Don?t piss and moan like you do

(chorus) (fade out)


From previous interview with underground concert reporters:

?I have become sick and tired of seeing all music become what they call rock and roll now. The music of today is no where near rock and roll. This is basically a song that I have made to show the people that metal and rock and roll, the real stuff like Sabbath and Judas Priest is still alive. They want to listen to their s*** like James Blunt who just did a pussy move by calling his fans bastards for getting tired of that song (your beautiful). The essence of real music is in the soul, not in the money. Most bands you see today love money and are power crazy it is so upsetting to see that people have lost view in what real music is about. It is about showing the people the best time you can, enjoying playing, not for money, for the love of it. These new bands don?t have that essence anymore and it makes me sick. So this song is to tell all the real rockers that metal is still alive even though it seems dead.? ?Raven Rage-