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Synyster Gates
3 75%
Zacky Vengeance
1 25%
Voters: 4.
alright ive heard and been in many arguments about people arguing about whether synyster or zacky is better. i figured it would be a good idea to make a thread for specifically this. just understand i want legitimate reasons and dont put shizz like "SYNYSTER IS THE ****" and "ZACKY IS THE BEST".. try to back yourself up and dont purposely be an ass about it.
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no one outside of the a7x only thread cares, so take it there
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the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.
synyster is better he is the lead guitarist he pulls off amazing solos and riffs, hes the better lead guitarist, zackyon the other hand is more rythem based and he is the way better rythem guitarist

so when u put those to frces together you get one amazign sound and that is what avenged sevenfold is if those to wernt in the band the band would not be as big as they are now
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arite well if you dont care then just dont enter the thread. is that so hard? and dimebag doesnt pertain to this. he is a god among guitarists.
Go get your shovel.
Can't have a poll in the only thread

I vote Zacky...because my name is Zak...and i'm left handed

Also, I prefer a good rhythm line in a song than a cool solo
I saw a video tour of their studio by them two and an interview, and zacky said synyster was loads better than him, but he'd taught him alot about guitar. They're arpegio and sweeping is some of the best i've heard.
And Dimebag is their idol...
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Quote by hXcMacbeth3
no one outside of the a7x only thread cares, so take it there

Pretty much.

This is what the official thread is for, so you have a place for pointless arguments like this.