Well, I was wanting to remove the pickguard of my Lp std, ebony, But I don't know how to do it . Can someone help?

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Quote by Bensimon
I'll try, are you talking about this screws?

no the top on is right but you want to take out the screw attached on the side to the metal thing thats part of the pickguard
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Oh I know, its in the side of the guitar (the other screw). I'll try now.
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F***...I removed it but in one of the holes the paint is very bad...f*** epi...
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I think it looks better too...but I'll need to get a luthier...theres no paint around the screw holes :S
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Depending on what type of LP I like the pickguard removed.
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Mine is a Epiphone les paul standard, ebony, looks great without it.
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Quote by Bensimon
F***...I removed it but in one of the holes the paint is very bad...f*** epi...
Ha, in my opinion, a Les Paul pickguard is what makes it a les paul (visually).
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try just returning the screw to the hole. put a dab of back paint on the screw before returning it if u want. that might make it look better for u.

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