dont know much about them all i know is when me and my dad were in a music store once he was tlaking to the employee about them and how they used to use them when he was a kid and he is 55 now. the guy said they actually had one in the back but if it wasnt on the floor im assuming they arent that great, besides the fact that they ar eold but i really dont know.
Sunn amps are no longer produced. They were pretty up market in their day. Their website seems to link to fender which kinda gives me the bought out vibe.
I saw some Sunn equipment while on a missions trip in Mexico. It was PA stuff though, a simple power amp and two FOH speakers. It said something like "by Fender" on them, so I gathered that Fender made Sunn stuff. Never seen anything other than in that one Mexican town....
Fender bought them !
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the doom metal god Wino uses a sunn and says its the best amp for his styal. Hes tried everything and that is the only thing that will do it. When i was talkin to him he said the model he uses has a pull switch that turns on the fuzz/overdrive.
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Hendrix started with Sunn. They wouldn't increase their volume output so he went to Marshall.
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the doom/black metal band sunn o)) use them....

very bassy.
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we play at a club that has some old sunn speakers, but their system sucks and buzzs alot
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Hendrix started with Sunn. They wouldn't increase their volume output so he went to Marshall.

yep, http://www.wtv-zone.com/ruexperienced/gallery2/march16.jpg . No idea about the Marshall part though.

They're basically an company started in the 60s in the time of the larger concerts when musicians realized that a 30W Vox AC30 was no longer enough (the era of the Marshall Plexis for example) so they started on the various types of stacks.
I'm pretty sure King Buzzo uses Sunn amps.
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i have a little Sunn St15. its got a fender speaker

oh, and apart from the dirty pots and buggered connection for the speaker, its a pretty goddamn nice amp!
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yeah some Sunns sound very nice - you can get a good deal on an all tube amp if you look around for them (same with most off brands too though - like silvertone for example)