Hey, i'm a 17 year old kid and i want to go into becoming a sound engineer, but i want to know if anybody out there is actually a real producer? or anybody has had anything recorded professionally? what were the people like, what qualifications do you need? i have looked hard at universities here in the uk but im struggling to find anywhere that will take me on just for a week to show me what the business is like... i have made some pretty nice songs and recorded them at a good quality at home, all the money i do save generally just goes straight back into music so this is for me, any suggestions or help?

Any sort of insight into the life of a sound engineer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I don't know much about life as a sound engineer (I'm only 16 myself) but I do know that the Music College Uni thing in Guildford has an awesome Music Tech course. If you ask them they'd most likely be more than happy for you to go visit and ask questions, see what goes on etc.


EDIT: Good luck with whatever you choose to do

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i'm not in the business (yet), but i'm headed off to college with the goal of eventually producing music. this is what i've learned from my research over the years...electrical engineering is tied pretty strongly to music recording in the theory of the material, but the thing is...it's still engineering. it's not designed specifically to educate in music recording, but the background it will provide you with will prepare you extremely well for the field. you can minor, or if the school has the major, in Music Recording/Technology.

besides dedicating yourself to an internship at a label or radio station (i.e. something longer than a week...), you can walk into a recording studio and ask them if you can stick around or do some odd jobs. other than that, i cant think of too many other ways you can truly test the waters of the business.

what i'm doing...i chose my college strongly based on such programs and location. i turned down schools almost exclusively because of a lack of a Music Recording program of some sort. at USC, i'm studying Electrical Engineering (probably with a focus in Integrated Media, which mixes in some creative arts), and on top of that i'll minor in Music Recording. and the cherry on top is the fact that my school's in the heart of LA, a Mecca of music

and yeah man good luck, hopefully you find what you wanted.
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You're in the UK? I know Huddersfield Uni does Music Technology - my brother did it as a course. I'm sure other do too.

phobos' advice seems sound. excuse the pun.

I'm probably gonna go for something to do with mixing or engineering when I get to University. It sucks because they don't teach much of it at all in High School (I'm 14)
But at my Church, they called me up to work with the engineer who does the mixing for the church, so I'm getting lots of info from him, and a bit of experience as well (I've only gotten to mix the church like, twice)
But, he said to me that the main thing to focus on is to make sure that you know what sound your looking for, and just to keep everything at an even mix.

I hope to be as good as him, except he's been doing this sort of thing for about 20 years, lol

Anyway, good luck on your education in Engineering
Expect to be the studio bitch for a year or so before they even let you touch the recording equipment. The producing industry is very competitive--so you better be good at it, especially if you want it as a CAREER.
it all depends my friend.

of course it's money for power out there so you best have some amazing skills.

but if you wanna be fresh,
make your basement a ****ing studio and have bands come in and charge like 35 an hour or so...and if you're good, you'll have a client every day or so.