ive recently baught a jackson dkmg and im wondering how you turn off the active pickups, besides opening the back and tacking the battery out! any help, is it possible?
no i mean a wy of turnig them on or off whenever without taking the battery or cable out like a switch of some kind
if you take the cable out it doesnt drain your battery but even if you forget from time to time it should hurt,i have active pickups and have had my guitar for a few months and still havent had to change it but if you mean like take out the battery and play like that i dont think that would work cus a friend of mine has active pickups and when his battery died it sounded like his amp went
If you rewired it, you could probably put in a 2-way on/off switch... just wire in a switch somewhere between the pickup and the battery.
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Unplug the cord when not using it, then the battery won't drain.
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there isnt like a switch that you can just turn them on and off, all you need to do is unplug the cord.
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There is a kind of killswitch that can be installed, but I've only seen it in custom shop guitars.
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