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Is there any way to record vocals on this program?

Drop a blank "audio sample" into the step editor -> assign that sample to a mixer channel -> arm the mixer channel for recording -> record.

That might be a bit vauge... the help section of the program covers it.
someone asked this on the Dmusic forums and there were two good answers that ill copy here.
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the best way to record a sound in FL is to bring up a wave file into FL Sequencer and then press ctrl+E
this is the edit mode then record on there hope that works if you need more help hit me up

and the other one:
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When you hit record it doesnt start recording it just goes into recording mode. First select an empty channel from the mixer and in the upper right hand corner select an ASIO input where it says IN: (must be ASIO, if nothing is available in the drop down box download ASIO4All--it's free!) Then click the disk icon at the bottom of the mixer channel you selected and tell it where to save the recorded file, put it in record mode(click record) then hit play.
Then record.

Hope this helps.

i havent tried either one of those, but im sure one way or the other should work for you. personally i record into audacity and export my tracks from there as a wav file. then i import those to a new audio channel in FL so i can use it as much as i like.