I am new to slide and don't really want to resort to buying a book that could get me locked into one method of playing. So..

Why when I play with a slide (in standard tuning) does is sound absolutely horrific?

I was originally inspired to play with a slide when I saw Brian May do it, and hearing him play with the slide was amazing, probably the coolest sound I have ever heard come out of a guitar. Now obviously I am not Brian May and I do not have his signiture tone. But I also believe there has to be a way for me to play slide in standard tuning (like Brian does) without it sounding terrible.

Any advice??
Muting. When playing with a slide, it is usually in contact with all the strings at the same time. This produces a lot of unwanted noise. Most guitarists who get serious with the slide will eventually begin playing with their fingers. This is to mute the strings that are not in use constantly. Check out the wikipedia article on slide guitar for some more information.
Well When I play slide, I Put the slide on my Ring finger, and for any excess Noise I mute the strings by laying my Index and middle fingers behind the slide, oh and Put the slide ON the frets not slightly BIHIND the frets as you normally would,
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