I'm looking for a guitar under $1000 with humbuckers and that can achieve a good, distorted sound but can also get good clean and preferably jazz tones as well. I like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Rush mainly.
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A les paul wouldnt be bad. im not sure if you would want an epiphone. if u can pitch in like 150 more dollars u can get an elitist. their basically the same as gibsons. i also reccomend dean ML's. the 79 series. you can get them with or without a floyd rose. their necks are absolutley fantastic. they'll run you bout 600-700 dollars.

hope i helped.
^i will respect your suggestion as long as your not being being biased and not just saying that because synyster gates or whoever uses that guitar.
no he doesnt use those...they are just both really good if you want to have clean and distortion without sacrificing one or the other
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RG1570 if you want a good trem as well.. swap out the pickups and you've got a pro guitar!
Or a used RG550 (570 if you don't want a pickguard). IMO, I like the trems on the older Ibanez's more than the newer ones. The Edge and Lo-Pro's feel alot better than the newer Edge Pro's.

But the RG1570 is still a great guitar.
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