ive noticed that my index finger has been starting to hurt like in the joints. i think i might be pressing to hard or something. does anyone know any ways to fix this problem? i find that my hand is getting tired faster as well.
Yep, your pushing too hard. My advice is dont press as hard...
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Yep, your pushing too hard. My advice is dont press as hard...

Hah, it really is as simple as that.

Look around this site, it has many solutions and words of wisdom for learning how to play the guitar properly:

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sounds like you are simply applying to much pressure or are too tense while practicing. The hand needs to relax to play properly. look at how you are holding guitar, how low strap may be, are you supporting too much weight with left hand? the correct technique will go a long way to helping you now and your playing future.
Maybe you hurt yourself a little bit and should give it a rest or at least take it easy for a little bit.
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