hey there

im a knopfler fan, ever seen his white strat with that red tortoise shell pickguard

i love it

so i bought a white strat

now i need a scratch plate

is it possible to take oif the white one and put the red one on by myself or does it need wiring and professional fittin in a shop

help me

its not hard to do your self, it dosnt take much effort and if your realy carefull you wont need to do much re-soldering
not really. All you have to do is take the pickguard off, unscrew all the elctronics/pickups off the pickguard (It's easy, as you can just take the whoe thing off, no need to unsolder anything apart from maybe the output jack but it's two wires, it's not hard.) Then put it on the red one, solder the output jack on (if you had to unsolder it in the first place) and put it back in the guitar. If your existing pickguard has electromagnetic shileding (metal stuff on the bottom) then you'll need to buy some copper tape and put it on the bottom of the red pickguard but some come with it already on.l

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Also, pay very close attention to the placements of the PG screwholes, 8 vs 11 holes, specially the hole between the middle and neck PUs. On re-issues for example, the hole is midway those 2, on the regular ones, it's closer to the mid PU.