hey, will this 9v adapter work w/ my USA big muff, it has a jack for an ac adapter and says one can be used in the manual but it doesn't say a specific model. thanks for the help.

9v adapter
why dont just take a trip to closest music store and ask?
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Seeing how its a EH, id bet that yes, itll probably work. You should, however, just ask and see. ^^
why dont just take a trip to closest music store and ask?

i just bought it at guitar center but they didn't have any EHX ac adapters, they said they'd have to special order it, and b/c i live about a hour away i figured it would just be easier to order off of musicians friend. so does anyone know if it'll work? other than a probably?
You need an eighth inch, tip negative 9v 100Ma DC output adaptor. That's what I have for my Small Clone, anyways. Input is 120V AC 60Hz 55Ma.
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i had the same problem when i bought a big muff usa. But the man from guitar center gave me a Pignose adaptor and it works.
edit: The bigmuff is good on battery life.
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