i cant remember the damn name of it, but it was a jackson, black paint, 2 knobs, a floyd rose and looked pretty bitchin... only thing was that the whammy bar was a little loose. o and the Pups were h/s/h and it only cost $298 at a mom & pop store so i could probably haggle the price down a little... good deal? any idea on the model?
^^ how bout you get off your ass and find the model name if you want help.

i know what model your talking about i saw it at guitar center last week but since your lazy fyou can try yourself
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The bar just needs tightening, id look and see if its a licensed or original floyd. But you really should find the model name, without that, we really cant help much.
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What was the shape? Superstrat probably, from the pickup config at least. Look on MF or Jackson.com and find one that's around the same price. Who cares what model it is if you like it, and for 300 it's probably a good deal anyway.
I played a Jackson JDR 94 (Jackson Dinky Reverse) today for $199 with Schaller trem H-S-H black with a few dings. The action was a bit high but the neck was old Ibanez Wizard thin and played like a dream. The middel single coil kept geting in my way otherwise I might have bought it
Custom, why didn't you just buy it and adjust? I'm sure it would take a little time but you could get it down.
ehh it was slightly beat up and just plain old gloss black but a great deal on a Made in Japan Jackson, I have my Ibanez S to do my whammy/shred dirty work. I want a nice flamed or quilted top LP shaped guitar to round out my collection.