Ok so Ive given up on tube amps, they just wont suit me well for my needs I think, they sound better then SS obv, but still, I cant swing it in my house, I just want something to record some riffs on my PC and trade them with my friends, now i went to one store today, and they were pushing Spider II's down my throat, and then the store I usually buy most of my stuff from were recommending me a vox ad30vt, any comments, cubes are hard to come by in my area, but I play mostly stuff like trivium/bullet for my valentine/killswitch so mostly hardcore/nu metal..any help?
id say the spider2 would be perfect mine is and i play trivium and metal, you can get some great tones from them

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ive heard some people say they are amazing, others say they are horrible, I plugged in to a 15 watt today, and yeah its nice for practicing, but it did sound thin, can the vox handle the tones im lookin for?
No, stay the hell away from Spider's ¬_¬

A Vox is a great amp, just not for metal. Try and find a nice Cube 60 near you and try that, it should get you close to a decent metal tone. Good luck
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don't get spider 2 though, there feckin unreliable, had to fix 3, 2 month old ones at the studio i worked, think of them as little metal kids toys, there toneless have far too much gain and strange thing is, unless u buy the foot switch u can't take the effects off!?!?!
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No, stay the hell away from Spider's ¬_¬

A Vox is a great amp, just not for metal. Try and find a nice Cube 60 near you and try that, it should get you close to a decent metal tone. Good luck

I said Pod, not spider, muppet
I doubt the vox has enough gain for the bands you mention. I personally think the spider ii handles hardcore and numetal pretty well for a relatively low cost practice amp.
metallica recorded all there latest album through Pod's cough! the albums ****! cough! but there are some decent metal sounds in the album
but can the vox handle trivium and bullet for my valentine, or would an overdrive pedal do it, it does have a US High Gain setting doesnt it?
or go **** it all, and get the line 6 pedals and the plug-in dock, perfectly clean signal for recording
ur best bet is to go too ur local shop, play around with amps, till u find one u like, its better than this lil vox vs line 6 war thts goin on
was that directed towards me, i have a close friend who uses a shure sm57 directly plugged to his PC through a converter and it sounds excellent
thts the way to go buddy, can't beat a 57 in mutiple situations. You might wanna try downloading or buying some plug-ins to improve the sound of your recordings. What you using cubase Sx? Pro tools?...
not sure yet, hey i can get a cube 30 off ebay delivered to canada, out of a cube,vox,spider II, is that my best bet or what?
aye, pods rule for metal and well anything, will never be as amazing as a class A valve amp but it has many options on there for creating effects and tones. its basically an endless supply of amps in a box, USB 2.0 and MIDI ready
k but i think for me i like having it all simple right now, im not gigging, so a combo is preferably all i want
The VoxAD series is perfect for what you are looking for.

Great for practice and will sound great mic'd up with an sM57 for recording.

I almost bought the Vox AD50VT but it wasnt loud enough for my band.

EDIT: And will you people stop saying the Vox doesnt have enough gain or it isnt "metal" enough! Holy crap, PLAY THE AMP BEFORE YOU TALK ABOUT IT.

All I see people say is "I heard the Vox isnt metal enough, get a Cube. Blah blah blah." It's getting old.
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Line 6: No.....they're good little tools, but have no real tone....Toad.....don't ever say the POD sounds like a class A tube amp.....play a real amp next to a POD and then come back with your opinion. And please....stop triple posting to push the POD down his throat....it isn't the best choice here.

Vox AD: Great amp....very versatile. It has a lot of gain, but the gain lacks body and agression IMO. Tends to sound a bit thin. It will work though, and the versatility is a great plus.

Cube: Great amp....not as versatile, but has that added agression in its gain. Here is where it beats the Vox.

For recording, the cube might just do it for you. Throw and SM57 in there, with a decent interface, and you're off do some good recordings!

Btw.....why so anti-tube amp? Have you/do you own one? They still beat most SS amps in tone, when when not pushed.
the thing is ok, ive been have assing my guitar gear and not thinking b4 i buy ****, so finally now i have a Jackson DK-2 which im thrilled with and feel comfortable with, amp wise ive had a marshall mg, then crate gt65, and now i want something small to practice with, and then unload on a mesa mostlikely, I played a dual rec today and it killed any SS amp ive ever played, but theres no need for me to have a rec right now, so i will satisfy my practicing needs, then hopefully ill find a few mates interested in jamming and ill unload on a tube half stack...

EDIT: ive owned 2 extremely horrid amps, and now i just want a good small combo to practice with, and not be extremely sick because of my dreadful tone
Why not get a small tube amp (Laney lc15, epiphone of some sort, blues junior etc.) and use a distortion pedal or 2 to increase the gain. It's hard to describe the sound of a tube amp, but they cut through so much better, and they have a tonal presence. The sound really fills a room.
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