I'm not a fan of metal-type music, but I enjoyed that.
Ohhh...My head hurts...

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nice! mixing could be improved however maybe its just me but the drums sound overpowering to the guitar. overall excellent song. some aspects remind me of a couple of my songs.
well, its a lot better than my metal riffage, however i usually play industrial metal which is different to this.

keep up the good work!!

my tracks ere: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=386672
those drums are badass man! pretty good riffs too! i like how you give the song some space to get into the groove before you really let loose... good job man!

i also posted my first original instrumental.. could you crit if you have the time? thanks
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Twas pretty good IMO.

I agree that the drums are a little overpowering. They are cool though.

Has a good groove though and good riffary, good job.
WOW , very decent song mate , for an instrumental it aint that bad , nor it was boring or up its own ass with useless riffs , u know ? The solo's were very good despite the fact that they were all over the song , u should like shorten the solo's a little bit and add some additional riffs to change the format of the song . That is my opinion.
To sum up , the song was very satisfying and pleasant to the ear , quite relaxing i might say .

Feel free to say no , but can you crit my song ?

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