ma' gear: -Fender Stratocaster (Mexican) Left-handed
w/ push pull pot and series mod
-Ovation Acoustic-electric
-Vox Valvetronix ad30vt amp w/ effects loop mod
-Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal
-Rocktron short timer delay pedal
-Boss RC-2 Loop pedal
you need to buy a direct box and download the right software to hook the guitar up to the computer. why are you trying to?
analog cord. Its got a 1/4 inch end that plugs up to your guitar and a 1/8 inch end that plugs into your computer in the microphone slot.
idk if this is the right thread for this though...
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If you want it to sound good get a box like the Line 6 Guitar port or Toneport, or the M-Audio Blackbox.
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i have the right cables and everthing and i tried it but when i play it sound very quiet. do i need a special program? what program?
ma' gear: -Fender Stratocaster (Mexican) Left-handed
w/ push pull pot and series mod
-Ovation Acoustic-electric
-Vox Valvetronix ad30vt amp w/ effects loop mod
-Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal
-Rocktron short timer delay pedal
-Boss RC-2 Loop pedal
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If you have a distortion pedal or something try using that without the distortion to boost the signal volume. Any pedal will do, really, as long as it allows you to turn the given effect waaay down. A volume pedal would be the best... but first try turning the volume of your line in on Windows. Turn all of the volume levels all the way up.
Without the proper modelling software, I would not recommend recording direct to the computer.....try to put something infront of it as a preamp.....a line out of an amp....or an interface of some sort (line 6 for quick low end solution).....firewire interfaces for better quality, but higher price also.
get yaself some mic's, drum kit, mac G4, digidesign 002 rack and a cheap desk n monitors and make a fricken album
that blackbox costs more than a bloody car
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download "AUDACITY" free recording program.

plug ur guitar into the line or mic in. using a 1/8" adapter like said. $2.

unmute ur mic, or select line in.

if it doesnt work, it means ur sound card sucks, so update ur drivers.

run the guitar thru ur amp or thru an effects pedal if u want to hear effects.

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I actually have the same question. Usually when I'm playing, there's a lot of background noise that's only partly due to the fact that I record with my webcam. I just live a noisy life, considering how quiet of a guy I actually am. Yeah. In any case, what are the specifications for a sound card that you'd need for all of this stuff to work? What are your recommendations and the pries on those. What are the prices of the items listed above? Where are the BEST deals online for quality versions of these products? Any and all of this information is appreciated by my lazy ass. Thanks.
all you need a decent computer mic (like me) and download the SWITCH programs (there are like 5. You can tape the mic onto your amp and record. Its cheap and works.
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what would i use with reaper??

i used to go firestly into computer and it sounded ****ty but i downloaded reaper and audacity ( i like the setup of reaper mmore)

would i just buy the line 2 guitar port or the black box or do i need something different to record into a program already installed.
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Well if you are going to use your speakers as the amp, then they will explode if you do it incorrectly, or worse, if you try and use a OD the speakers....