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lol You just practically said them all. I'd say (tough one) Les Paul.
you forgot the es 335
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way to completely leave out the whole es series...
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ES 335 is the best gibson imo. but i prefer tokai.. so meh
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The Explorer is my favorite, but not the Gibson's, hate the pickguard and toggle switch location

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LP Custom mostly for the looks.
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Les Paul hands down, Flying V and Explorer close second.

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sg, and explorer. The les paul is highly over-rated. If you take everything the les paul has, and put it in a different thick mahogany body of any shape, it would sound exactly the same. Dont get me wrong, LPs are ONE of my favorites.
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It's like saying if you took everything out of a Strat then put it all in a different alder body it'd sound like a Strat still. What's so bad about that?
The Corvus.

In all seriousness, though, the SG, for the same reason Timi Hendrix cited; they're incredibly playable.
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logically speaking, hes right. but in reality, hes wrong. the thick mass of the LP contibuted to its over all thick sound, and the thinness of a Strat gives it its thin sound.
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ES 335 is the best gibson

indeedy, i just got one.
the jimi hendrix custom shop flying v with the flower design, 10k though
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How could you not love that?
Alright, its an Epiphone, but its still the best looking Les Paul I've ever seen.
i like the firebird
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probably the jimmy page les paul custom or that sg double neck he used!
oh yeah by the way, how do you post lessons i've been wanting to know for a month
It's a close one for me. Im stuck between the Les Paul and the Flying V. Les Pauls can be beautiful looking guitars but Flying V's IMO are just plain bad ass. I think my favorite would have to be the V.
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Flying V!
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It's a close one for me. Im stuck between the Les Paul and the Flying V. Les Pauls can be beautiful looking guitars but Flying V's IMO are just plain bad ass. I think my favorite would have to be the V.

V's are a pain in the ass to travel with, and they don't fit into stands too easily.
Les Paul Classic in lightburst. Or a Flying - V. Two very different guitars. Or an SG perhaps a nice double neck.
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Not really a gibson fan at all.....maybe a les paul, but even then, I would prefer a PRS singlecut.

I'm on the same wavelength. Don't like Gibsons, but I'm an explorer fan... but I'd rather go for an ESP MX-250.
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ES 335 is the best gibson imo. but i prefer tokai.. so meh

i love tokai's

id probably say an es-335 or a les paul
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ewww gibson. Fender>>>>>>Gibson. i just love how fenders (specially the strat) feel and they're just so versatile. i hate how gibson charges so much for their name. but however...i will not let my hate for gibson get in the way of my opinion on their guitars. i love the sg. except i would rather have a tokai sg instead
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