ok i keep saying to myself "man i gotta write a song" but every time i start thinking about writing one, i cant come up with a chord progression. i always just come up with like a 1 4 5 or something and it just seems boring. so can anyone either suggest some cool chord progressions, or give me an idea of how to come up with one? thanks.
As an example, the key of C major:


Those would be your seven chords in the key of C major... There are a lot of rules/guidelines about how and where each chord tends to move. You don't have to follow these by any means... if anything, just pick some chords from your key and work with them.


Try that link. It might get you started. The link supplied in the last post will take you further.

Perhaps focus your question a bit? Seems a little broad.
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If you are completely stuck, one thing to try is rewriting a song from your perspective. Take a song that you like, and would like to write in a similar style. Rewrite the song, changing certain aspects. If it has a pedal tone riff, invent a pedal tone riff and stick it in there. If it has a big three chord chorus, come up with one of your own. Maybe change the key; there are tons of little changes you can make.

At the end you will have... a song that is probably not good to release, since it might appear to be copied. But, the learning experience will be valuable: its kind of like a class in assessing a piece, except you are the teacher. Eventually, learning to write like your favorite artists, you should develope a unique style and no longer have to rely on copying songs. I learned this technique from my uncle, who is a painter. Painters do this to develope their own style, ad I see no reason why it can't be done in music. Just don't release any blatant copies .
psychodelia is right...

you can't just start from scratch without looking at some sort of "blueprint" and organizing things.

well, you can, but it would end up sloppy.