This is a video of me playing As the Palaces Burn by Lamb of God. I downpicked it all.

With a digitial camera, so it doesn't fully capture my guitar tone or anything like that, but its a good watch.

Oh and I don't know the full song, so during the solo and the part after the solo I just improvised a riff that fits the progression of the song. It doesn't sound out of place, so its all good.


btw i am skinny, i know
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Ah, well I'm not a big time poster on this site, just came since MX is down.

And on MX people post videos and people comment on the playing and whatnot. I don't know how it works around here.
Yeah, this normally would belong in the "Riffs and Recordings > Cover Songs" forum.

Nice guitar, Epi LP Custom? How does it play on the higher frets? Difficult to get at?

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why not?

oh yeah and its an epiphone les paul, its pretty nice. I bought it before I played much metal, but its a good quality guitar. Looks amazing too.

BTW sorry wrong forum. Maybe a mod can move it or something.

And regarding the downpick thing, I find that when it is alt picks I tend to want to play it really fast, not to mention downpicking it provides more of a challenge.
nothing wrong with downpicking.

but in the future u'll find the need of using alt picking much easier
after awile if i dont doen pick for awile my wrist would kill a ton by doing that. but i downpick aot of heavy stuff. to me i can get a good palm mute on the E string and go from there but i guese it depends on what you play.
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Quote by mhail
nothing wrong with downpicking.

but in the future u'll find the need of using alt picking much easier

It's not a question of whether I can't alternate pick. Its not like I only downpick everything and I couldn't alternate pick to save my life, because I can downpick things. I just wanted to increase my downpicking strength so I decided to.
can anyone give me any advise or any links of where i can find lamb of god's amp settings.. i.e treble bass etc.. because i just cant get the sound!
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btw i am skinny, i know

Don't worry about that, but when the Fashion Police arrive you're in big trouble

Nice guitar btw.