Will it work to go from guitar > pedal > mixer and microphone > mixer then mixer > moniter and just use a moniter to play for practice, will it be distorted? too loud? thanks for the feedback. by the way it is a little four channel mixer
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mixer and microphone > mixer?

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the guitar, through a pedal, to one channel then the microphone to another channel then the mixer to just a stage moniter
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It might distort some if you have a too cheap of a mixer/moniter, but I don't think it could be too bad. As for loudness...that depends on what you consider to be "too loud." But I doubt it. You could always turn it down, or throw a blanket over the moniter.
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it might be noisy if you run too much unbalenced line so use XLR line as much as you can, that will help with the noise issues.
You need an amplifier somewhere in there.

If you have a powered speaker (active speaker) then you are good to go, or if you have a powered board, you are good to go.

Also, this microphone, what it going into the mic signal wise? Is it a vocal mic? It's not meant to pick up the guitar tons is it? Becuase if you run the guitar into channel 1, have it in the monitors, then mic the monitor like it's a guitar cab, and plug th emic into channel 2, and run channel 2 through the monitors, you'll see a miniature shuttle launch. It'll be fun, but you'll have to replace your speaker cone and that costs $$. You might have popped your eardrums too, depending on how many watts your amp can push, and that's darn near irreplaceable, and not quite as fun. Less smoke than your speaker though.