I'm looking for songs to do in open C, so if you could name some songs that you like, or love, or wish you could play, or would impress you if someone else played it... or if it's just fun to play, if you could name them, and if you could give a link to the tab...
Thanks very much.
John Butler trio - Ocean

Gotta be my faveroute song at the mo. Infact a lot of people like it on this forum - it's a hit. I do wish I could play it properly - i can play bits but not half as good as JB. It sounds orgasmic on his Maton eleven string guitar. It's tuned in CGCGCE (on a 6, obviously)

Yeah, thats the tuning I want these songs recommended to be in. Ocean is actually the reason I started this thread, I think the songs awesome, and I love playing all of it.
you can play all of it?? I'd like to hear. I've rarely heard a good rendition of Ocean. Do you have any recordings??

I don't have any recordings, nor do I have a mic. It's been something I've been trying to get. I also want to get pro tools, is that a good choice? Yes, I can play all of it. We're talking about the video of him that was in this section a couple weeks ago on youtube, right? the only part that was a little struggle was the really fast part, but I've figured out how to do that with relative ease, now. Don't stop trying to perfect it, because it's worth it.
Yeah i'm nearly finished learning it (i'm doing my own rendition of the video). I've just taken a break from it and i'm going through Mist - another amazing JB instrumental. Infact I should have a recording of that up soon... i'll let you know.

By pro tools do you mean pro recording equipment??

It's called Pro Tools. It's a recording program. Mist... is there a video of that I could see?
If you are just starting out recording, then either Audacity of Cool edit pro should do just fine. Unless you know your stuff about production and editing, then leave pro tools alone for now.

I don't know of any videos of mist - actually I know of one but its really crap - it's not JB playing. Mist is not an all guitar instrumental.. it has the whole trio in it, and JB plays on a 6 string. It's still amazing, and much easier than Ocean imo. here's the link to the tab.

I'll have a recording up soon - with the cello and drums.

Oh - mist is off JBT's new album, Sunrise over sea.

I think Irish by the Goo Goo Dolls is in some rendition of open C, though I'm not sure. I haven't looked in a while. If you go for it, it's a lady killer.
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I think Irish by the Goo Goo Dolls is in some rendition of open C, though I'm not sure. I haven't looked in a while. If you go for it, it's a lady killer.

Is that a drinking song? I think you mean Iris lol.

I like the song, i just hate all the stupid tunings that they do. I stick to Slide and Sympathy by them.
I don't think that Let Her Cry is in open C tuning. You might be mistaken there. Hootie is pretty much your basic strum a song out band.
I think Love the One You're With by Crosby, Stills and Nash is in Open C but im not positive
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Burden in My Hand - Soundgarden

One of my favorites of all time

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