Alright heres the deal:

I'm interested in buying my second guitar. I currently use a Fender Fat Strat and a Fender Frontman W15 (I'm currently planning to buy a Roland Cube 60, then get a new guitar later when I have the money). I play metal/punk/Green Day(no other pop punk). I intend this guitar for the metal stuff, and the Fender for punk and Green Day. To be a bit more specific the bands I listen to are System of a Down, Trivium, etc. and bands like Iron Maiden, Ozzy, etc.

So I want a guitar good for metal and not a "first guitar." I am pretty decent at guitar currently and plan on lessons to get better. My budget is anything to $700ish. Its ok if you pass that limit just try to stay below. And definatly nothing over $1000!

Tell me if I missed something while describing my situation, so post away!
Ibanez RG1570 sounds like a plan. Great guitar right off the shelf, good tremelo, 24 frets, thin and fast neck. $749.99

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the man is right, an ibanez rg1570, such a fast neck, plays like butter, or if you like the whole trivium thing, an epiphone les paul custom, it comes with gibson pickups.