what are good pickups to play for metal music, i was thinking of getting invaders once i get my schecter c1 elite, but i've been hearing good and bad reviews of it
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My preference is a good EMG combo, 81/85 or something.

Though an air norton x2n dimaxrzio combo is badarse.
I have the Invader but I'm sure it makes a larger difference in a mahogany body. Mine's basswood.
EMGs a good combo like the man said, i have 2 EMG 81s it sounds loud and clear, but it gets repetitious after a while, good thing is i can always buy an 85 and plug it in instead. cant go wrong with EMGs.
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Strat coils.

...can you imagine?
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duncan livewires if u only want metal. extreme distortion
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81/60 if you want some cleans and metal, or 81/85 if you just want total metal.

yeah can't go wrong with EMGs...
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Strat coils.

...can you imagine?

he cant put single coils in his c-1....
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he could put 2 single coils in each slot and have four pickups!!!!

.........im ashamed to have said that
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I would reccomend you try out these pickups (if you can) before you buy them. What kind of sound are you looking for? You can choose EMGs (which IMO are sterile to my ear even though I really liked them when I got them), Dimarzio Super distortion or X2N, Seymour Duncan SH-6 (Ducan Distortion), SH-4 (JB), SH-12 (George Lynch screamin demon). Try out some guitars at your local guitar shop and see if you can get the tone you are looking for from those guitars. Then look up the guitar and find out what kind of pickups it has.
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i have an 81 on my bridge.
compared with passive pickups, I'd have to say that the 81 is very trebly and lacks alot of the bottom end region.
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Get an EMG Zakk Wylde 81/85 set.

hasn't every1 suggested an 81/85?