i was looking into buy a 15 watt tube amp and i ran into a peavey rage 158.
id like to know if it is good cause it's just 120$cnd. or if i should keep looking for somthing better.fi there are suggestion please give the price in canadien.
Ya, that amp is a transtube. It is Peavey's way of emulating tube tone. Nothing special really. For small tube amps, check out the Epiphone Valve Junior or Valve Special. They are 5 watts and will be good for bedroom practicing. Also check out the Fender Blues Jr. You will need an overdrive with any of these to get it remotely high gain though.
If you want a small practise tube amp like that then check out those new Epiphone Valve Junior amps, I've heard good things
so should i buy the rage 158 or should i keep looking? the rage dosn't cost alot though,or i can get better for a little bit more?
probably about 200-250$ not really shure. for the tone im looking for like metal/pumk/rock sort of thing. all around sorte of amp.
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