No its not alright at all. The problem is there are a whole bunch of different things it could be.
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yes its fine all amps do that if the bass and everything is very loud or just from very long continuos use just when it gets to be smellin kinda strong like maybe 5 10 mins after u smell it turn it off so it can cool down thats all
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Thats okay, the tubes heat up to work and they do smell kindof like paint burning. I have 2 tube amps, both do it and they're fine. Actual fire is not okay though.
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i used to get that smell back when i was playin through an old tube amp, the amp always worked fine
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If it ever blows up or catches fire, can you take a pic first before putting out the fire?

If it explodes, then give us a few pics!
My amp tends to smell but it smells good. It doesn't have a burning smells to it really. Tubes are meant to heat up. I would get it checked out if they are heating up really hot though.
If the glass is getting black marks on it, it's glowing in places that shouldn't, bring it to a tech for sure.
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is it ok if the back of my amp smells like hot/burning?

Check to make sure your heatsink fan is working (if you have one). I had that problem with my Boogie. If they don't have some sort of air flow over them, your tubes will blow quickly.
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I bought a small $5 fan at Wal-mart a while back (about 4-5 in diameter) that I use to blow down into the vents when in use and it works quite well. The inside of the amp is noticably much cooler. This will help your tubes and cap stay nice and cool.
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The burning smell isn't good, but the usual valves-heating-up smell is immense.
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