That's interesting, I've seen that done in flamenco music, but not over and over like that. That's kind of cool he must have strong, manly, ****-choking fingers.
idk, but i strum liek this on electric wen i drop my pick, and sumtimes on acoustic, but up strokes arent that clear when u strum liek this
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I strum like that all the time, its definately not something new. I've seen tons of people doing it.

I have long fingernails on my right hand (for classical music), and so the upstrokes are not quieter. Its just another technique you can use to get you closer to the perfect sound
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I strum like that too sometimes. It's great with fingernails - you get a nice 'tinkling' sound when you brush across the strings.

That dude cracks me up.... that's not a Martin he's playing is it - I can't see the head.