Should I buy a used Epi G-400 for 400CDN$?
The guy changed the pickups for some Seymour Duncan.
Sounds like a good deal to me. The guitar off the shelf in CDN is like $650 around here, and the stock pickups are nothing to brag about. I'd go for it.

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Sounds like a damn good deal. I think you should go for it. BTW, what condition is the guitar in?
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Yeah i dunno for the condition but i'll go to the guy place to see that this weekend or the next one and i might get a better deal if there's some scratch.
Yup i'll see the condition...the guy just hooked me up with some update. He said the price was negociable cuz the fret board needed some clean-up and there's no strings.

(i feel like these sentences didn't make sense but i suck in english)
me too. before u bought. it would need to be strung and set up.
the neck might be back bowed and there could be buzz all over that board.

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They have them for $450.00 here. I bought the G-310 because A. Hadn't much money
and B. Actually like it better.
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