what should it look like? A slow rise... low at the nut and rising or flat even at both ends of the neck..
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It should be at a height which is comfortable for you to play, and doesnt result in fret buzz or loss of signal.

Usually, its in the shape of a bow, with the most raised part of it, on the D and G strings. It should also be very slightly lower on the high E side than it is on the Low E side.
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^yep, and its really hard to get a neck to play well without a slow rise.

ull almost always get a fret thats slightly higher than the others. a high fret will cause buzz in a guitar set for low action.

also if u like ur strings to ring out, ull usually want ur action a little bit higher than "flat."

action is adjusted at the bridge first. if more adjustment is needed, then u look at ur neck angle.

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