Hey. I was watching G3 with Yngwie Malmsteen and I want to know what some of the songs he's playing are. All of these requested songs are at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3593623584137678217&q=Steve+Vai . I will post the time that the song starts.

1. 46:21 - Its a little clean riff that turns distorted around 46:36. This part ends around 46:50.

2. 46:53 - Its a cool distorted riff. He kicks his foot after each time. This part ends around 47:11.

After these two riffs he goes into an awsome solo. After the solo he goes into Blitzkreig.

Does anyone know what songs these are? Does anyone know, or can anyone tab them out for me? Thanks .
1. Evil Eye

2. ...Evil Eye

And there are plenty of tabs around here somewhere.

And he never played Blitzkrieg..

And... nah, that's all.
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O, ok thanks! I though he played like one short lick of it, but then he went back into the other song. I posted the thread before I found out that he wasnt plauying Blitzreig. I will find the tab.