i read the, wich amp thread? but i didn't really understand what's their work
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Preamp is where most of the tone comes from. Poweramps contribute to it as well, but the main function of the power amp is to make the signal loud.
a very basic understanding of signal path for a tube amp

Assuming you have everything hooked up correctly, when you strike a string the vibration creates a shift in the magnetic field of the pickups. these vibrations induce a very low power current in the the circuit which traveles to the amp.

Once in the amp, this very weak current is conditioned and colored by the preamp. here it gains some more power, but is still relatively weak.

If effects are connected to an effects loop, this slightly boosted signal is routed to the effects, and further conditioned by the effects.

When the effects are done with the signal it's routed back to the amp where the signal is passed through the power amp, where it ceases to be a tiny signal, and becomes a much higher power signal. this signal is then sent to the speakers where the signal is translated from current to sound.

(sorry if this is too basic.. i'm sure there are others here that can explain it better than me.)
so if i set up this guitar - 30 watt crate - 130 watt peavey head - peavey cab. then its like im turning my crate into a 130 watt head? or can the power amp use its eq's and stuff like that, if so, is there a way to disable that and just get the crate being the master of the equalization?
um yer if you either mic your crate or you plug in the line out of it, however line outs tend to have speaker emulation which is really REALLY bad. what's wrong with your peavey? peavey owns crate most of the time.
yeah, the peavey wiring is kinda well shot, and i know nothing about wiring right now, so im looking for a temp fix to gig / jam with while i learn how to rewire it and replace busted peices, damn things near thirty years old