I wanna put a song on myspace for my band but dont no how to make it an mp3 file. Could someone please tell me how to.
Check out the program Audacity. Google it, it's free. You might have to download a .dll (can't remember which one), but it will convert for you.

That is, assuming you actually have the song recorded, and in a format that Audacity can load. Otherwise, just google for free mp3 converters on google.
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if you want a relatively good program for recording, try www.download.com and search for wavepad. i was amazed at how many features 'n such this has for just being a free piece of software. it has the ability to record into a high kbs mp3 format too...or .wav, ect. i haven't tried it yet, but i believe it can also convert things into mp3. it even has effects if you don't happen to.
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You want the LAME mp3 encoder.

Check this out

Then Audacity can use it to convert a project into an MP3.

If you wanna go completely free and legit, use OGG Vorbis.