at a store I didnt know about, they had a $1000 USA Rhoads V with OFR, 2 Gibson LP studios, an older used Jackson DInky (JDR94) reverse with Schaller for $189, and alot of used Yamaha RG styles, 2 mex strats and quite a few other Peaveys and Arias for under $200.

I played a black LP studio ($849 used) thru a Traynor all tube combo. The amp left alot to be desired, dont get one, get a Peavey or Mesa, just not enough crunch but great harmonic squeels.

The guitar left alot to be desired, I used to own a 92 studio with EMG 81/89 swap and now I remember why I swapped, the stock pups suck, neck is muddy and bridge is twangy and weak. Beyond that this one was a 96 and felt lighter than the 92 I owned, the Jackson Dinky actually had way better tone and pinch harmonics with its stock pups. Then the baseball bat neck came into play but didnt slow me down until I wanted to play the solo to Revelation(Mother Earth) now I remeber why I didnt shed a tear when I had to sell mine, the upper frets are a chore. I still want a LP shaped guitar but it would never be my only guitar and I dont want a studio.
so don't get the studio try other ones and why would you recomend a peavey amp and try listening to the song think for yourself by the beatles 'cause i won't be there for you sorry but i don't really understand your problem
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Can I save money by using lightbulbs instead of tubes - will energy saving lightulbs last even longer?

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if i buy a les paul studio and walk out into public a man in a clown and/or gorilla suit named tyrese, will come attack me and/or rape me
just thought anyone considering a Traynor should know its not heavey enough and Ill pass on the Beatle tune.
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uh is this a question or a story or what
story/advise to stay away from a Traynor or a Studio, just an FYI, no questions here.