Im new to the guitar just got one a couple weeks and looking for anything to help me read tablature i mean i can read it but man its a completely different overwhelming story when i was trying to read the Far away (Nickelback) tab i just got confused cus i would look at the last version of the tab held on this website and play the song and they just wouldnt match up to me ..if anyone knows of any program that helped them read that type tablature better Pls Tell me. Or email me at Kennygil43@aol.com
Well if your just new I'd recommend starting off with something easier, I'm not saying it's a hard song to play (that's right biatches!! can't flame me now!!:P) but an easier song or more basic tab might help you to understand it a bit better?

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Here, try the version I put on here, it's easier to play IMO, and it won't match up with the recording unless you tune your guitar down a half step.
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