Hi to all,

I just bought a korg ax10g modelling signal processor yesterday. I had tested this ax10g at the guitar shop yesterday and i really like it at first sight. But sad thing began to happen when i brought it home. When i connect the ax10g into my line 6 spider 2, it gives me a very thin, dull distortion tone no matter how i tweak the eq around. There's also some sort of feedback/fuzz given through my amp whenever i hit a note on the string.

May i know what had happen to my amp or the ax10g? is there something which i had done wrong? (input/ouput had been done correctly) do i have to do any eq on my amp also. are there any step which i have to take before i can get the distortion i want.?


Well did you test it at the shop on a spider? Because spiders are poorly made amps that sound like ****e, and if you played it on a better amp, then its going to sound a helluva lot better.

Also for future reference, the phrase is "love at first sight" not like at first sight.