I'm in a band and mostly play guitar, but my multi-tracker is in my basement and I don't want to keep on moving it from my house to my drummer's house just to record. And it's an expensive recorder, too. So I've been thinking of getting a drum set. I checked Musician'sFriend.com and decided to get either one of these two drum sets:

Pulse Pro 5-Piece Lacquer Drum Set : $349

Pulse Pro 5-Piece Drum Set with Cymbals : $329

I was just wondering which one should I get or if I should get neither of those. I'm on a budget - up to $400, so I don't want one that's too expensive. And with the purchase, I can get a coupon for $25 (I think, according to Musician's Friend) so I can use that to buy a Shure SM57 to mic the drums and for some vocals. Would that be a good purchase, too?

Thanks for any help.
Well youre probably going to get better responses in a forum for drums, as this isnt even for guitars, but for "Guitar Gear and Accessories". In fact, this is completely unrelated to the forum.

Also, shure generally makes decent or better mics, but id test it yourself.
don't bother recording with crappy drums... if you DO decide to get one though, know that the cymbals that ship with drum sets sound like garbage can lids (literally), so don't really let them sway your desicion
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Ya do those sets suck if you want a good set you got to be ready to dish out 1500 bucks
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either of those with a new set of cymbals will be fine.
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Didn't look to see what heads those came with....I'd actually buy a cheaper kit and put new batter heads on every drum (the resonant head, the one you don't hit, can stay whatever, only the batter needs to be changed really). Have your drummer bring over his cymbals, so you don't need to buy those. Cheap shells, put on nice heads (I love Evans heads....) and maybe even have your drummer bring his pedal to record with.

Evans G2 heads are nice, see, Remo and some others are glued into the shell, over time they pull free. I know that Evans heads are crimped into the shell, shouldn't break as fast. some people lke the remo sound better though. Go to a local shop maybe to buy heads, they can advise you on what to get, my snare head is very dry sounding, you might not like it, but you might love another Evans snare head. I just went to the store, told them what sound I wanted and they handed me the perfect head.