Hey guys! This is my first time here, posting my very 1st song. Don't mind the overall mixing, it's pretty crappy I know. Haven't really finished to touch it up. Too excited to clean up the mixing just would appreciate some feed-back on the playing.

First off I'd like to tell you that this song is played by my bud and I, 2 guitarists basicaly, a drum machine and thats pretty much it. No lyrics.

First solo is played by me, up until the harmonic/whammy-bar/bend. My friend jumps in right after that, but you'll pretty much notice the change in styles of playing.

I have no idea what genre this is so some help on that would be cool.

Thx in advance,really appreciate it. Song title is Song 6.

Crit 4 Crit, obviously!!!

It's an awfully slow riff for such fast drums there in the beginning, but it's okay, I guess. Those drums could be much slower, though, but I guess that's just my preference.

I like the solos, but there are a couple of moments in your's that don't seem to fit the song too well, even though they're technically in key. Your friend is also a little quiet.

One more thing: You might want to change up the tones from guitar to guitar, because the rhythms and the two solos all have the same tone, and they tend to blend in to each other a little bit, leading to a muddy sound.

Still, pretty good.
i think metalcore/metal as the genre
it reminds me of In Flames.
i actually like it a fcuking lot!
its sick as hell yo
the ddrums sound a little synthetic..but hell this isnt ultimate-drums.com, so who cares.
tell your bud his solo is awesome.
you guys did a great job.
did you pan the lead parts? like your lead = left speaker etc.
cause only my right speaker works.
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nice very metallica style i like it needs some vocals or it could just be an instromental liek orion
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Hmm, sounds ok on my set of speakers concerning the leads, but then again it might need some more ajustments concerning this since we weren't patient enough to do it all in one shot. I should get this fixed pronto!

Concerning the rhythm/solo issue I'll get that fixed asap. We both happen to use MT-2s for dist, so I guess I should change settings for both pedals
i thought that was a pretty cool song.... the main melody reminded me of a trivium song... cant name it off the top of my head, but it was pretty sweet, nice soloing
this is a cool song you got here. Nice solo work. Nice harmonizing as well. I think some vocals would be a nice touch for this. although I don't think they are absolutely necessary, since the song keeps your attention without them. Would like to hear more from you guys.
Crit ?
Let's see.. I liked the clean in the intro , the dist guitar that took the clean guitars place was preety awseome , the solos in the beggining were preety cool , nice style , i got into a headbanging moment in 30 sec mark , Very good drum beat , it sounds like guitar pro midi drums (or not? ) , in the 58 mark the guitar volume went down a little bit .
Well , what can I say ? you got some preety cool riffage there , very prommising song , if you better your tone , find a drummer , you can do a lot stuff .
the main solo was preety good , well played , just in 2:00 and 2:12 it got out of tune and the tremolo was unnessesary ! ..
Feel free to say no , but can you crit my songs ? I'll give you 2 url's , If you have time . crit both of them ! thank you!

song 1: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=387649

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Thanks for the positive feedback. It has brought a few things to my attention that I haven't noticed previously. Actually, it's pretty hard finding drummer near where I live, good ones anyways.... I guess it's that way for everyone here!!

Feel free to say no , but can you crit my songs ? I'll give you 2 url's , If you have time . crit both of them ! thank you!

Sry if I'm slow for the crits, been tired out by work lately.. it's a must do, listening right now in fact.

Neways keep 'em coming!
Hey i like the fast drum/slow riff thing, it was enjoyable, nice song reminded me a little more of van halen than metallica.
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