any fans of SDRE? Love that band. Death Cab sounds so much like them sometimes I can't believe it.. Makes we wonder why SDRE did not sell as well, I guess they were before thier time.
Yeah, they were slightly too early. They're a bit of an on/off band for me. Still can't listen to a whole album straight through, but can happily listen to each song off an album seperately.
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I had always heard about them, but it wasn't until my sophmore year of college that I finally heard them. I think they were an excellent band with a great talent for writing catchy and emotional tunes. I do agree though that it can be difficult to listen to an entire album all the way through.
Yeah, love em.

Diary is a bit of a masterpiece.

Death Cab don't sound too similar too them, or at least in my opinion (new or old).

And they inspired some great bands too, Elliott and Mineral.
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I like em.
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I always hear about this band but when I go to buy new cds I never remember to pick any by them up, but I get paid this week so I plan on picking up Diary (/cliche) and probably the first Anniversary album so yay.
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Green day have to be one of the biggest emo bands in the world (and I still love them). Which do you lot think is there most emo song 'coz me and my friend can't decide lol
i like them. they're a really great band, cause after all of these times people are still talking about them. hell i was only 3 when diary came out lol
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Didn't two members of Sunny Day Real Estate join Foo Fighters?

I dont think so....
And if ever You come near, I will hold up high a mirror.
Lord, I could never show you anything as beautiful as You.
foos bass player did.

and yaeh, i think everyone loves sunny day real estate.