:::::::::First post, I didnt go to the basics forum for this cause im not a n00b and im not looking for the basics, i just need help on getting started on the advanced stuff so heres where im at...

:::::::::Alright im 17 and ive been playing since i was 12 so... in between 4 and 5 years, you'd think id be an awesome guitarist by now, WRONG... most people tell me im the best around here for my age, but honestly thats just cause they have no idea what theyre talkin about.

:::::::::Im in a band but we dont practice a whole lot (usually theyre busy or drummers parents wont let us practice, i REALLY wanna practice alot more though , we all have individual talent) , so since ive been in a band ive been trying to go for a more creative riff writing sound but its not all that impressive (the stuff leans towards some dull southern rock riffs and alot of emo sounding riffs and i hate emo music) sometimes the stuff i come up with isnt bad, its better than most of the recordings ive heard of rhythem guitar on these forums but not more advanced, and it doesnt come close to the leads/solos here.

:::::::::My lead guitar and just skills in general are not that impressive when compared to many others, im not as fast as i want to beand i cant improv solos quickly or very well at all i tried taking advanced lessons and learning lots and lots of scales but they dont really help me and theyre tough to learn, i cant put them together to make solos so i always fall back into the penatonic stuff... its incredibly repetitive, i cant get my solos to be as great as slash's or kirk hammets, actually my solos blow chunks i have no guitar theory in me, i dont even know what the stuff is. I started way back when by playing tabs and creed songs ( i know ... creed lol) I graduated to metallica and some other junk and then stopped playing other peoples music altogether to focus on writing songs.

:::::::::Basically i just want to become a better guitarist, ive heard some pretty impresive solo and lead work on these forums from the recordings,

how do i get there?

whats the hell is guitar theory?

how can it help me? (id rather just play by ear and not think...)

:::::::::Music has to be my life whether i just scrape by making a living in a touring band or make it big, either way there is no other option, this is what ive wanted to do with my life for a long time now but i just need a few more skills to make it all work. Note that the singer in my band has talent in both singing and screaming but doesnt write lyrics and songs, he can ive seen him but he wont... so i write most of the stuff, its hard to put so much effort into guitar and lyrics but some people out there can do it, i want to be at that level too. The sound i like the most now days is the new southern rock sound, just rock, not punk, not emo, no bullcrap, i like bands like ShineDown, Smile Empty Soul, Crossfade, 10 Years etc. no im not a poser that doesnt have roots, i love metallica and megadeth just as much as the next metal head, but i want the new sound i gotta have it help me out pl0x!
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try some shred and listen to lots and lots of it....i know it doesnt have words but it will give you ideas on soloing and fills and such
*blinks* ever heard of paragraphs? they just make the reading a bit easier.

if you want to learn how to solo, i would suggest that you look at at least the major and minor scales. dont just learn the box positions, learn how they work and what makes them sound how they do. so you learn things like that the major scale has a major third and major seventh. then the minor scale has a minor third and dominant seventh. you dont need a ton of scales to start out, just those two are a good start. but you do need to learn where the notes are and how they interact (ie. what is playing that dominant seventh over your minor chord going to sound like). that will get you some help in soloing and improv.

if you can write riffs, but they dont sound impressive, get together with your bass player. i have this one song i wrote where the thing is really basic, but the way that the bass goes with the guitar gives it a great feel. obviously this isnt always going to work, but it can help at times. and other times the bass player may have ideas on how to tweak your riffs to make them better. so getting input from another person who knows music can really be a good idea.

if you want to build speed then work with a metronome and make sure you are playing everything perfectly. but make sure it is perfect at a slow speed. if you cant play it slow, you sure as hell cant play it fast. then when you can play it 110% perfectly at a moderately slow speed, build up your speed to where you are making a few errors but are very close. work on that until you are comfortable, then go back to being slower and make sure that is perfect. when you go back to the speed you had trouble with, it should be easier. keep building speed this way and your finger strength, dexterity, and speed should increase.

a final note: dont think that liking or disliking certain bands will make you better. sure liking metallica might make you more popular with the prevailing ideology that metal is great on these boards, but who cares. i would rather listen to green day than metallica, and thats just personal prefrence. the people who matter on these boards arent going to judge you on your music tastes, so broadcasting the fact that you think metallica rocks and green day sucks is completly irrelevant.
just try to learn some scales, and some solos to songs, itll all start to make sence once you do everything slowly
idk if listening to shred will help me much, i cant see what theyre doing and idk what licks theyre using, or how theyre writing the stuff.. i dont wanna sit and listen note for note either and learn it extremely slowly like that, i need to be able to pick it up quickly, so i need licks i can base stuff off of and play if anyones got some ideas. idk really what im looking for, i just wanna know how other people can do it and make it look so easy...
oh, thanks for those last couple posts, ill try some of that stuff. Its gonna take some work though.
anything that is worth getting good at is worth taking the time do slowly.....being a lead guitarist isnt easy and as you can tell will end up frustrated alot
well, i take on the role of both rhythem and lead in my band, and i like it that way, but its tough.. thnks guys. if anyones got any other ideas for me let me know.