I would have to say the some day some way I will have to find a way to buy a PRS single cut away model. very nice.

close second would be a vintage gold top or wine red Gibson Les Paul.
yeah for me its a gibson midnight les paul. everything black with a white trim on the body neck and headstock. perfection.
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A Jackson SL1 but with a mohagany body instead of alder so....I guess that would mean a custom made Jackson...
I want a double cut away white Les Paul with a Floyd Rose, Bill Lawrence Pickups, and 24 fret.
Stock Gibson Pickups from a 2005 V, I think they're a 498T and 500T set FS/FT
Duncan Distortion (regular spaced) FS

Looking for: an acoustic, recording gear, or $
Custom Jackson Randy Rhoads (similar to Alexi Laiho's *that got stolen*)

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when my dad dies (and i'm in no hurry to collect this) i'll be getting a Gretsch 6120 (vintage), a 30th aniversery Gretsch 6118, and a 65 fender jazzmaster. Let's hope he holds onto those for a number of years to come though.
custom schecter.
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I would go with this one. Its one I posted before just to see what everyone thought. My friend is selling it in his shop and unfortunately I don't have $10,000 to drop on it.
By the way, sorry for not puting in an electric but that wasn't specified and I would rather have this than an electric.
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^^^ +1

The things I've seen in the builder section from Ormsby have been amazing. I would go for an Allan Holdsworth Carvin in a second as well.
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I would go for a custom Caparison Horus or Apple Horn Aroura.
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Gibson Sg Custom with gold pickups, gold frets, gold tuners, black body, and pick guard, rosewood neck, some sort of design instead of dots on the frets, gold knobs.
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Jag, or maybe a Clapton strat.
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prlly a malmsteen strat
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PRS McCarty II Hollow Body with Piezo, Artist Package, Quilted Tortise Shell top.
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Custom Strat

Custom Tele

Martin HD-28

Gibson Explorer like Allen collins played that had the trem system on it.

Just those would hold me for the rest of my life.

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Gibson Les Paul Double Cut Standard in Trans-Red with EMG pups. 'Nuff said.
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A Gibson Flying V in Ebony. Either that or a Les Paul Custom in wine red.
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