So me and my friend were looking around his house and we found this electric, fully functional 70's mansfield guitar...and we've had no luck finding how much it would be worth and i was wondering if anybody hear would have an idea to how much it would be worth.

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umm brand pictures?
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"Mansfield was a Canadian musical instrument distributor (you will note that most Mansfield owners are in Canada). Mansfield guitars are OEM made from different musical instrument manufacturers. Recently purchased Mansfield guitars have no special interest, but in the 1970's , the Mansfield guitars were built by Hoshino Gakki (Japan), the Ibanez makers.

If you have a 1970's Mansfield, chances are that it's an Ibanez with a Mansfield name on it. The Ibanez vintage guitars are highly wanted. You can search Ibanez vintage collector websites for more information about the Ibanez story and some information about Mansfield. There is no doubt that those guitars are meant to become collector's items because they are apparently the same guitars as the Ibanez vintage 1970s, except for the brand."

The above was taken from //ca.geocities.com/shastu@rogers.com/mansfield.htm">//ca.geocities.com/shastu@rogers.com/mansfield.htm">http://ca.geocities.com/shastu@rogers.com/mansfield.htm.

Sounds like you might have something worth looking more into on your hands. I don't know how else to help though... Take their advice and search for Ibanez Vintage Collectors websites, or you could try eBay or even your local guitar shop or store. Someone is bound to know something about this brand. Goodluck!
I am glad to see that my post on guitarsite in 2004 went its way... (http://www.guitarsite.com/discussion/messages/79220.shtml)

Since this seems to still have some interest, I would like to add more information to this post about the Mansfield guitars. These discoveries were done after a lot of research on the net, I have found and confirmed at least some of the "mystery" hanging around the Mansfield guitars.

Mansfield was actually an OEM brand from a canadian distributor named Peate's Music store, located on Mansfield street in Montreal. They still have a website with an interesting archive page where you see Martin guitars starting at 24 dollars... Wow! What a bargain! http://www.peate.com/peatearchives.htm

But they no longer have a store, so the 24 dollars Martin deal is off!!!. I think they also operate under a different name and are mainly operating as musical instruments distributors.

I have contacted them in 2004 and they were kind enough to confirm that Mansfield used to have their guitar made by Hoshino-Gakki in the 70's:

"The interesting story behind Mansfield is that years ago, before Ibanez became such a strong guitar line, the manufacturer of Ibanez in Japan used to make OEM guitars for musical distributors throughout the world.

They were approached by Peate Musical Instrument Distributors about 30 years ago to make guitars for them. At that time the Peate warehouse was located in Montreal on Mansfield street. Now you know how the guitars came to be called Mansfield. Subsequently, Peate Music went to other guitar manufacturers for their “Mansfield” guitars up until about 10 years ago. The association with Ibanez manufacturing was discontinued about 25 years ago, so whether your guitar was made by the Ibanez factory in Japan or elsewhere is still an open question."

(to be followed..)
My contact from Peate's also gave me a mail address of a contact at Hoshino-Gakki who also confirmed it, but he told me that there was no records of OEM make and models:

"Thank you for your inquiry.

The only thing we can confirm is Hoshino used to make and sell Mansfield
guitars in 70's as OEM production. Unfortunately we don't have any
record of what kind of guitars we used to make under its name with us
such as pictures, spec charts and photos, so I really can't tell any

But if that guitar was made by us Hoshino, then that guitar should be
exactly same as we made and sold as Ibanez brand name in that era."

The bottom line of this is that it is can difficult to validate whether a Mansfield guitar is really an "Ibanez copy" clone. Here are some tips:

- Mansfield guitars from 1975 to 1980 are likely to be Ibanez guitars, but those years are approximate.
- I would think that earlier 70's Mansfield are also ibanez made as I have seen one that is early 70's and have distinctive identical parts as some 1972 to 1974 Ibanez guitars (for example, an aluminium compensated bridge bone, and an extra fret right next to the nut!!). But the model number was not identical.. Still, I would be very surprized that Peate had another OEM manufacturer before they did business with Hoshino-Gakki. There is also a Mansfield 693 review on HarmonyCentral that refers to 1971. So this would make sense.
- If your Mansfield has a model identification identical as an Ibanez model, then I would think that this is a valid confirmation. A Mansfield 684 (6 string or 12 string) is the same as an Ibanez Concord 684. The same applies for other Concord models (ex: Concord 693 Dove copy) and it may apply for other series such as Les Paul copies and others.
- You can refer to Ibanez collectors websites to learn about the lawsuit era Ibanez (Ex.: http://www.vintage-ibanez-museum.de/). If you have one of those Ibanez made Mansfield, it should theoritically have the same musical and commercial value as it's Ibanez counterpart, as long as the buyer acknowledge that it is indeed an Ibanez clone with an OEM name. But sincerely, who would really want to sell such a guitar making piece of history???

Mansfield guitars were not high end guitars, and some were really bad. But some were pretty decent, just like some Ibanez Concord models from that "lawsuit" era.

I have seen recents Mansfields (ex: acoustic MD-110) and they are nothing like the old ones. My cousin has one of those goodies from the 70's and it is just great to play and hear.

Believe it or not, I have seen brand new mansfield guitars in a Montreal music store 2 weeks ago (strat copy and classical), but apart from the same name and logo, they are just cheap chinese instruments like many other unknown brands. Someone must have thought that the name would sell.

Well, I hope you mansfield owners start putting reviews on Harmony Central just to have this brand recognized to its value and also to help identify the models and years of those good old Ibanez made Mansfiend guitars!

Have fun!

At last I have informations about this guitar. Before to go on I want excuse me for my bad english. I'm in Italy and I got a Mansfield F360 since the '82 or '83 recived for a job I'd done. And the precedent owner was a guy from USA.
I'm very happy of this guitar and never had in mind to separete it by me. And now happy to know such lot of things about it.
thanks and bye
Hey, my dad has a Mansfield 12-string from the 1970s, it says it's called a 684/12, and was made in Japan... It's in pretty much perfect condition (seeing as he hasn't played it since high school, my dad's gone a bit dorky since then), do you think it might be worth anything?
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Thanks for the info...I have been searching for a long time. I have a Mansfield that an ex dealer for Steve's identified as a model that he has sold about 35 years ago. The body is cut strat-like and has two pick-ups, double switches, one tone and one volume control. The model is almost identical to a MAYA, a GALLAN and a Ibanez 2020. I'm fixing it up since it was in pretty bad shape when I bought it. It sounds a lot like the old guitars of the 60's & 70's (medium priced guitars). Can someone give me an approximate price? I would appreciate it a lot!
I'm also searching for some info on a LÉRO semi-hollow body, double cutaway, 2 pick-ups and vibrato. Sounds good but I can't find any info...seems that nobody knows what is a LÉRO!!!
Finally, I'm also looking for info on a KLIRA dreadnought 6 string acoustic guitar. It has a great maple glued strat neck which is very small and makes it very easy to play. It seems like the whole guitar is made of different strats of wood glued tight. It is very strait for a guitar that looks like it was made in the late 50's or early 60'. I know only that it was made in germany by a voilin maker which went bankrupt in the 80's.
Hi IamCanadian!

Your Mansfield 684/12 is most likely the exact same guitar as an Ibanez 684/12 of the same year. Look for Ibanez collectors and you should be able to have an estimate value!

Good luck!

Wow... ...I've been looking for info on Mansfield guitars for years and this is the first I've ever come across.

I have a Mansfield Les Paul copy that I bought in 1992 from a pawn shop in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It has a copy of the walnut finish you could get on certain early 70's Les Pauls, and has "Custom" engraved on the truss rod cover. The finish on the hardware is all silver including the covers for the pickups.

The reason I bought it back in '92 is that it played well and the neck had the exact same feel as my buddies 1978 Ibanez Artist AR500. Since then we have compared the necks and the shape is identical.

I am not sure of the year in which it was built but it had seen a lot of use by the time I bought it in '92. It's really too bad that there is no way to tell if it was built by Ibanez or not.

Very cool info though. Thanks very much.
I am a pro player from northern ontario, been around a bit, know my ****.

some years ago I was living in Thunder Bay, got a lil bored, and took a road trip to Winnipeg just to cruise pawn shops for guitars.

I bought several guitars on that trip, all at great prices, but there was one hidden treasure in the pack.

I bought a "mansfield custom" neck though elecric, it was very rough cosmetically, but there was something about it... and despite the fact that I had never heard of mansfeild before... I asked the clerk about it...

now... this is where we dive into sketchy territory... the clerk told me he was familiar with the guitar, and that it had originally come from (belonged to)Kenny Shields (streetheart) and was custom made for him in the early to mid seventies.

At the time I had no further provenance for that guitar, but... I knew there was something special about it...

It is a neck through guitar, very much resmblant of an sg... and except for a mockingbird deviation on the lower horn would be an sg.

I am not entirely sure of the wood its built of, but I suspected at the time mahogony, and now years later having revived it and played it extensively I believe I was right.

OK.. why is this guitar different from all the "normal manields that were sold in canada?

first off... right on the headstock it says "mansfield custom"

also the trussrod cover is embossed with word "custom"

next... its a genuine neck through... have any of you found another mansfield neck through??? if you have one please contact me, because in more than 15 years I have never found another.

next... this guitar was indeed in desparate shape when I purchased it... almost unplayable...(as I said, there was something about it that made me ignore that and purchase it anyways)... the defects were as follows...

the neck was wayyyyy out, leading me to bieve that the guitar had not been in competant hands for several seasons at least.

the body had two really bad spots on it where the "shotguns" as we call them at home, or the "Dings" were really bad... the first was on the armrest area,,, there was a chip out of the finish about 3/4 of an inch long that defied explanation.

there was also a huge and unexplainable rash around the jack on the lower edge of the guitar... looked like either a pit bull had chewed it, or an entire dart team had declard the input jack area a bullseye. (on this guitar, even tho it is pretty much an sg copy, it has an edge jack like a LP).

As I said, I just felt there was something special about this guitar, and I bought it, and I parked it in a case in my house for 10 years or so... then I finally got the bug, got it out, and started showing it to some friends, and trying to get it up to snuff.

along the way I have had players laugh at it, cry over it, want it beyond belief... I wasted a few hundred dollars taking it to the wrong tech, then stumbled on a tech in Winnipeg who understood and appreciated the guitar... he put i straight for me... to make a long story shorter this guitar turns out to be an absolute shredder!!!!! unbelievably fast, sustains til your next birthday, gain out the asshole, it is a monster, period.

I always haboursed a suspicion that it was a monster, now I am totally certain.

as it is now, I have a vintage gibby paf in the bridge, a cheap who knows in the neck, and still to this day the hottest axe I have evr played hands down.

I have searched the net to find another or explain how this guitar could be any other than a "custom build" and I can find no other references at all.

the only reference i find for mansfield are about very generic accoustics and dimestore electrics... can any of you help me here?

I'll post a pic, and my phone, please, help me value this axe... I know what I think its worth, its the most unbelivable shredder I've ever played.... but is it one of a kind? if it is... whats it worth?...all help is greatly appreciated.
JJTheMonkeyHoe   thANKS a lot of info but I'M having an issue with the date in the 1960s gibson sued Ibanez for using the gibson style neck  why would they keep on using the gibson style neck they finally settled out of court ibanez agreed to not use the gibson style neck and my guitar has the gibson neck there for it was made before the 70s in my opinion,other pepole say it was in the 50s so im totally confused but thanks guys youve been a big help already
metallicarulz69  what has me puzzled more is the reverse curve on the bridge and  the gibson style neck thats why gibson was suing  Ibanez because they were using the gibson style neck and you see the same neck still on the grand old opry  of many performers the only difference is mine says Mansfield and theres say Gibson and it sure does not have the seventies style neck totally confused thanks
this thread is over 10 years old, please check the dates before replying.
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